Magnetic Poetry


You know what I think is a great form of art?

Magnetic Poetry. That’s right people. Stick those suckers on your refrigerator and VOILA! you too are a poet.

Magnetic poetry

In all honesty, magnetic poetry allows you the affordance of being two things at once: a Poet and an Artist. You can make decisions on what words to choose and how to arrange them on your poetic canvas. In many instances that poetic canvas is your refrigerator door.

Magnetic poetry is art because the form that you choose to place your words in makes up how the reader interacts with your poem. Magnetic poetry is literature because it is a poem.

In this line of thought, think of your status updates. What you choose to say and how you say it affords your reader insight into your daily life. Think of your blogs or how you lay out your facebook page. What you choose to do with your postings and blobs of information affords your followers the opportunity to enter into your world. Does what you post say exactly what you want it to say? Does that facebook page accurately reflect you?


One Response to “Magnetic Poetry”

  1. 1 Scott Reed

    Interesting how your metaphor here turns the status update (one of the few acts of legit “writing” on Facebook) and de-emphasizes its importance. At best, the metaphor seems to say, the status update is just one modular piece. You don’t make a poem until you have multiple modular pieces floating around.

    That’s a far cry from the usual notion of self-expression through writing.

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