The CNN News Story


What exactly is the CNN news story?

*It falls under one of the large news topics: World, U.S., Political, ect.

*It has significance

*It’s usually about 400-800 words

The CNN news story uses the same writing skills sets that the CNN broadcast news uses. The smaller word count allows the reader to get the gist of the story without having too much to read. It certainly sounds counter-intuitive, but the more one reads, the less one absorbs of the story, especially in a time crunch when the reader wants to get the news and get on with the day.

Many times the news story is accompanied by a picture or an embedded video. By giving a picture or video, the reader becomes more able to place a face or location with a story. It allows the reader to visualize the news and perhaps better understand what the story is all about.

The news story is also filled with links (See the Links blog) that allow to the reader to find out more about the news topic or the subject being written about. For example, if one wants to know more about Jon and Kate drama, all they have to do is click on a link and they are taken to a search list where they can find all news related to Jon and Kate.

In the end, the newstory about a convenient and fast read that gets the reader in and out of the story and onto their day. It’s a very simple, fast read format giving news accessibility to every reader regardless of time limitations.


One Response to “The CNN News Story”

  1. 1 Scott Reed

    “It has significance.” Ummm… why wouldn’t it? All writing has some sort of significance. This point is so broad as to have no weight.

    You also throw out a huge and under-substantiated claim: that the more we read, the less we absorb. (That’s a pretty direct shot against the whole Nicholas Carr “google making us dumb” line of thought, so I found it a little off-putting that you don’t acknowledge that conversation.)

    In that sense, you’re also playing with a lot of important fundamental rhetorical assumptions about the audience: that they’re pressed for time, that they WANT to read for the gist. It’s not enough to say that CNN caters to that audience — the whole point is that they also CREATE that audience because of the way they choose to structure their info. Be more careful about these connections.

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