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The homepage has a LOT going on. Lots of boxes, lots of colors, lots of headlines, and lots of links all trying to give the news to readers but making the news as convenient and accessible as possible. While doing this project, the webpage changed to one more organized and accessible. Many more […]

What exactly is the CNN news story? *It falls under one of the large news topics: World, U.S., Political, ect. *It has significance *It’s usually about 400-800 words The CNN news story uses the same writing skills sets that the CNN broadcast news uses. The smaller word count allows the reader to get the gist […]

Who doesn’t like a splash of COLOR? I know I personally do. Let’s think back to the old days, the “Leave it to Beaver” days, where everything was black and white. Kind of boring, right? The news was that way. Lots of text surrounding black and white photos. The only interaction was to turn the […]

An interesting facet of news stories is that they link. There are quite a few different links on, all of which matter to the make-up of how CNN reports the news. Embedded Links within the story: The first link is an embedded link, usually underlined, bolded or in a color different from the […]

To Begin: I’m a news junkie. I think that figures into why I would analyze as a user, because I use it all the time. For someone who is constantly on the go, I understand the success of a website like First of all, CNN has become a household name for around the […]

What does it matter that I talk about I guess the first place to begin is that I consider to be a primary news source.  I figure that there are many others out there just like me.  These people get to work in the morning with their lukewarm cup of coffee, turn on […]