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So Dali gave Mona Lisa a new look back in 1954. I’m not sure DaVinci would approve. Advertisements

Remember the wickedly evil stepmom in Disney’s “Snow White”? Creepy lady, wasn’t she? That movie still scares me a bit, even though I am into my 20’s. She says “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” Mirrors, without getting all complicated about light and angles of the mirror, ect., basically reflect […]

Surrealism, the early 20 c. art and writing movement evolving out of the Dada avant garde movements around Paris. I personally find surrealism very interesting. It is filled with surprise, juxtaposition, and non-sequitur. When one first takes in surrealist art, they might not know how to take it.  It’s not all flowers and parks from […]